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2 Acres Residential Lot Deming, New Mexico

4 adjacent lots ( 0.5 acres X 4 lots )

Residential Area Close To Power

Located just south of Deming in the shadows of the Florida Mountains, this two acre lot (Four adjacent half acre lots) is part of the Deming Ranchettes, a subdivision consisting primarily of half acre lots created and subdivided for residential purposes back in the sixties. Because this area was designed with a residential community in mind, it’s easy to find homes and power lines throughout the region, and not just in the more densely developed sections closest to the Interstate. Additionally, because this is a flat lowland area, all of the roads that were platted out and graded decades back are still in surprisingly good shape, making this both an easy place to get around and build in. Furthermore, because this property sits so close to Deming (the county seat) you’ll have easy access to the Municipal Airport that is there as well as the Amtrak rail line which has routes running the southern part of the US from Florida to California, making travel a lot easier than you’d expect from this sleepy desert town.

Property Specific Notes:

This property is located along LECHUGA Rd SW. This road is well maintained and can be accessed and navigated by any vehicle type.

Power lines can be found roughly 1,200 feet west of the subject property running along Hermanas Road SW. This means getting power extended to the subject property should be relatively easy and affordable.

It should be noted that the nearby Hermanas Road SW is a major arterial which runs the length of the county from Deming in the north to Columbus in the south. This should make grocery and supply runs into either town faster and easier.

Per county zoning regulations, you may RV on this property for 30 Days at a time, and longer if you have a building permit.

Rock Hound State Park is within a ten minute drive of this property and Elephant Butte Lake, the biggest lake in the state, and White Sands National Park are both within an hour’s drive of this property. Additionally, Las Cruces and all its restaurants, bars, sporting events and night life is also less than an hour away.

The Deming Ranchettes subdivision is one consisting entirely of half acre lots. When the area was originally subdivided, lots were sold two at a time so most owners would have a full acre of land. Because building on less than three quarters of an acre in areas without city utilities requires additional permitting and expense, this means this subdivision will always have the potential for growth that many subdivisions in the state will not. This growth, by the way, may come in the form of individuals building single family residences, or developers recombining larger chunks of acreage in an effort to create more upscale, gated communities. Because of this potential, it means the land in this area is more likely to appreciate with time. Additionally, because this specific plot is larger than the standard one acre, it gives its owner even more opportunity to either build a larger home or resell to developers in the future for a larger profit.


Location: Luna County, New Mexico

Lot Size: 2 Acres ( 0.50 Acres  X 4 )

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